How to Be a Bass Player in a Band

Most of the fans and band members of rock bands do not pay particular attention to the bassist. This is so if the bassist plays the bass guitar only and does not play other instruments as well. However, the bassist does not have to be a specialist of the bass guitar alone. It is easily to have the bassist as the best member of the band in terms of talents, but the daunting task of the bassist is to attract attention from all corners. This is not easy! Assess the steps below on how to be a bass player in any band.

Step 1: Consistent practice

You are certainly aiming at being the best at your instrument. The members of a bad will more often than not hold a bad bassist in contempt but they will always uphold the best bassists that they find. If you play good sounds through the use of your guitar, then the members of your band will allow you to be a solo player for countless times since they are impressed by the kind of sounds that you produce with your instrument. Make sure that you put in a lot of practice in different styles. Do not practice only one playing technique. Be diverse; fingering style, slapping, and picking among others. Improve on your embellishments and the short fills and try to play by your ear. Moreover, add some creativity to your style of play.

Step 2: Understand your position in the band

Let it sink in your mind that the bass guitar is not the lead instrument in any band. The best bass lines in a song are easy and this depends on the song. Do not get upset if your band plays long songs and most of the lines concentrate on other instruments while your bass guitar remains in the background. This happens in many set ups. During the process of writing a song for your band, do not attempt to go overboard as you try to create some airtime for your bass guitar yet the song does not have such creations. If there is such chance, go for it! However, if you find that there is no chance then fit with what is available for your bass guitar.

Step 3: Learn how to play other instruments

If you only know how to professionally play the bass guitar, you will be a disappointed lot. This is because most of the players of the band aspire to play your bass guitar too and you are only interested in your instrument alone. I implore you to learn other instruments such as keyboard and other percussion instruments. You will be a vital member of the band even if the bass guitar is minimally needed in the song.

Step 4: Develop your own personality in the band

Playing live music calls for this: Make sure that your personality is fully developed and work on it to improve it a lot more. If you are lucky to have stage performance as the singer, then you will receive lots of attention. Do not overshadow the singer. High-five the attentive fans and dance to the beats as well.

Updated – Step 5: Don’t Expect Becoming Pro Without Reading Disclaimers

We forgot about one important detail, reading small font in every document and online website that you visit. Because something aren’t exactly what they appear to be. To get the idea, take a look at disclaimer of Spying Nanny website. It might not be your music-oriented website but separating reality from fiction plays important role in becoming a real down-to-earth pro bass player.

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