5 Differences Between A Bass Guitar And A Normal Guitar

Many people do not understand that there are glaring differences between a bass guitar and a normal guitar. If you happen to be one of those people, who need to choose between a normal guitar and a bass guitar, then there is a lot for you to consider before you make your choice. Whether you are absolutely new to the instrument and are trying it for the first time or if you are trying to find which one is better amongst the two, you may have a hard time. The following post is your true aide.

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1.    Strings

A bass guitar have four strings

The electric guitar sports six strings, which have a regular tuning of EADGBE. This would imply that E happens to be the lowest note that a string on the guitar can be tuned to. The notes also follow I that same order.

On the other hand, a bass guitar will have just four strings. These strings are EADG and have the same tuning as the 1st four strings that you will find on a normal guitar, with the lower pitch being lowered by just an octave.

So, the difference is really in the structures, in that the bass guitar has a lesser number of strings and has a lower tuning compared to what you would have on a normal guitar. The role that the guitars play

A bass guitar is responsible for providing the foundation, which holds the other musical instruments together. Depending on the genre of music, you may observe that bass players are typically seated at the back. The bass works well, coordinating with drums.

The guitar takes on many different roles unlike the bass. The bass gets to work with the drums while the rest of the instruments do not have to follow the guitar.

2.    Difficulty Of Playing

The bass happens to be larger in size and has thicker strings. This may be fund very challenging by the new players. No, do not let that scare you. In a lot of genres like reggae and blues, all you need to do is just play the right basic notes. It is advisable to start there and try further before you progress towards more complex forms like rock and jazz.

3.    How Does Your Personality Affect Your Choice?

If you are creative and dominant at the same time, somebody who will do whatever it takes to achieve whatever you want, then a guitar would be a better choice for you.

If you see yourself as the one who is maverick amongst mavericks, you place a lot of value on being part of a team, you love working hard at something, you are a laid back person who does not like too much of attention, then bass is the right instrument for you.

4.    The Neck

Bass has a very long neck

Bass has a very long neck, which makes it difficult to start out on a full-size bass for people who have smaller frames.

Holding a full-size guitar is not as problematic as a bass.

Both these instruments coexist because they have their own unique role to play in a music band.

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