Bass Vs Guitar: Difference, Difficulty and which is better for you

If you are in the process of making out which is better between bass and guitar, then you have some work to do in terms of thinking and coming up with the best. You could be new to both and you are trying to figure out the one you should learn first. You do not have sufficient information about both and you are awash with a host of questions which beg for answers.

Rest assured that if you take some time and go through the options at hand, then you may be able to make the best decision. Do not make any decision in haste. Be calm and collected and look for as much advice as possible. Advice is like snow; the slower it falls the deeper it sinks.

You could be in the class where you are already a guitar player with your allies and the bone of contention is how to switch to other instruments so that you may fit in to the band. This is a path that has been trodden by many a musicians as they tried to decide whether to pick the bass or another instrument.

It is critical to understand what you are yet to get into so that you may have an easy time blending with the rest of guitar members. If you do not do due diligence, then you will spend a lot of money and end up with tides of regrets much later. This article examines the difference between electric bass guitar and electric guitar.

Difference between bass and guitar

Are you a newbie in music? Then it may sink in your mind that there exists clear difference between bass and guitar. The two are world apart but to your eyes as a newbie, you may not realize since they look alike.

The electric guitar has six strings and is tuned through EADGBE. This tuning means that it is tuned through the lowest key string E, followed by A, D so on and on. You do not need to know the notes right now; you only need to understand for now how the bass guitar and the electric guitar differ from each other and how they relate to each other.

The bass is exactly similar to the guitar but less strings and subordinate tuning. If you learn some scales, music theory, and chords on one instrument, this is carried over to the other. They are directly related though they are different. This is critical to understand since majority of the players think that thetwo instruments need to be learnt one at a time.

Once you understand that the two instruments have some sense of correlation, and then it will be easy to choose what to learn. Whatever technique you learn on the bass guitar will be applicable to the guitar and the converse is true. You can switch over to any other any time.

You need to understand that there are different tunings for the two instruments. You will find that there are some guitars and bass guitars that have 7 or 8 strings. Do not worry over that!

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