Playing Guitar or Driving a Car? Choice is Clear With FDS!

Fake Driving School and Cars

Some people will think that the Fake Driving School website is inherently appealing just because they really like the idea of having sex in a car. A lot of people will have sex in cars today in spite of the fact that they don’t live there and there are plenty of other options for them. There are lots of great websites for the people who have this fetish.

Another Use for Cars

The Fake Driving School website certainly depicts the sort of scenario that few people will ever experience and that fewer people would even want to experience in real life. However, some aspects of this ‘school’ will certainly be familiar to a lot of people. Many people have had sex in a car at some point or another, which can make the fantasy seem that much more down-to-earth in a lot of ways.

The notion that having sex in a car is normal is actually fairly modern, of course, and it is highly cultural. In many places, people might not want to try to have sex in a car, since this is certainly a tough prospect for some. Cars are not known for being hugely comfortable at the best of times. Even the people who have really nice cars that have really comfortable seats will still not get the same sort of comfort factor that they would have in the case of a soft bed.

In the days where sexual activity of any kind was much more taboo, having sex in a car was often the best option because it was convenient. It worked well for the people who had a tendency to be spontaneous with almost all activities, including sexual activity. A lot of people are interested in adding spontaneity to sex in general, because they believe that it makes it much more exciting in many ways. However, for a lot of people, sex either happened in a car or it didn’t happen at all.

This is not the case today. However, the cultural trope of sex in a car had a way of staying around in spite of the fact that attitudes towards sex have markedly shifted. Some people today will even associate sex and cars in spite of the fact that cars aren’t really especially sexy. The cars that people will see at the Fake Driving School website are not the sexiest cars ever, although they are probably nicer than the ones that are actually used in driver’s ed classes. A lot of people will still find a way to make these cars really sexy in spite of the fact that they serve a more utilitarian function. People will tend to do that with cars anyway.

Cars and Attractions

The Fake Driving School website has a lot of different attractions. Some people will specifically like the performers. Some people will like the scenarios involved. Other people will just really like the fact that this is a website that plays into the notion of having sex in a car with attractive people and as an attractive person.

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