Tips to consider when buying bass guitar

Buying guitars are something that should always be well planned and researched. You simply cannot walk into a guitar store and buy the guitar that you find the best looking. It simply doesn’t work that way, especially when it comes to buying bass guitars. There are a number of criteria that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to buying the best bass guitar for you.

  • Do a thorough research:

The first thing that needs to be done before actually stepping into a guitar shop is to do a fair bit of research about the possible guitars that you would like to indulge in. It is best to go through the different catalogs and manufacturer websites to get a fair bit of idea about the possible models and their specs and features.

  • Check the neck of the guitar:

After the research is done and you have shortlisted some of the guitars, the next thing to do when you step into the guitar shop is to go through them and see which one is the best for your liking. The thing that you need to assess first is the neck of the guitar because that is the one which will provide support and help you get the grip to play the proper tunes. Feel the instrument and make sure to test out the tunes and the sound of the guitar before purchasing because if it doesn’t sound good from the beginning, chances are it won’t be the same in the near future as well.

  • The neck pocket and the finish:

The neck pocket is the area where the neck of the guitar attaches to the body of the guitar. This is one of the crucial things to check because this determines the longevity of the guitar. There should be little to no note pocket gaps because they tend to decrease the harmonic overtones. The next thing to look for is the finish of the guitar, the paint that has been done on the guitar and also looks out for any paint bubble or unfinished paint job.

  • The material of the body:

There might be many imposters, in which they would claim it to be wood but can use the cheapest quality of it, often being the plywood which is simply glued together and sanded. This tends to reduce the base of the harmonies, and these kinds of guitar don’t even last for much long. If the guitar is made of pure wood and not plywood, it can be sensed just by properly scrutinizing it.

  • Hard-boiled hardware is the next:

The last and one of the most important things to look at is the guitar’s hardware and the electronic part of it. The bridge, pickups, tuners and the control plate are some of the key things that you need to have a good look at. Make sure to turn the different knobs and switches in order to check the sound or of any of the possible resistance that you might feel.

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